Social Media Maniac with Sampriti

Social Media Maniac - #MayMania

It is an online Training + Competition organized by Sampriti Roy, a computer engineering graduate turned into a digital marketing practitioner and blogger. 

Starting Date: Anytime you wish to start (the sooner, the Better)

Further Details Will Be Shared Via Whatsapp With the Students After Their Enrollment for the Program 

The ability to write down your thoughts is a skill very few artists can master.

Sampriti Practicing Social Media Platforms

This program will be conducted ONLINE.

First 3 Levels will be completed with one-on-one special training (WhatsApp and Zoom Calls).

Next 3 Levels will be completed in group (Classroom Sessions) 

The last level (L-7) will be the “Challenge Round” 

  • All you need is a laptop with good internet connection
  • 90 Minutes (Minimum) every day
  • Willingness to learn and execute EVERY DAY

What will you learn?

1. Develop a Habit

It takes a lot to be a content creator: reading a lot of blogs (even books), doing research, curating your thoughts in the best possible manner, engaging with people within your network, and then dedicating your time into creating something that will provide immense value to your audience.

Developing Habit Being Blogger Sampriti Roy

2. Niche Clarity

You should have sound knowledge on at least one particular topic to start writing. This requires self awareness. Self Awareness can be achieved by spending an enormous amount of time with yourself.

What is that one topic on which you can talk for a long time without feeling exhausted? It’s perfectly fine if you have no idea of it. You will discover it in this program.

Sampriti Roy Blogger and Bussiness Expert

3. Building Audience

Having your own target audience is cherry on the top for your content. Only relevant audience will spend more time on surfing through your content because what you are creating is of their interest and you are providing them some value.

Building Audience Being Blogger Sampriti Roy

4. Writing Value-packed blogs/vlogs

You will learn different forms of blogging, discover which type of blog is effective for you, experiment with various blogging platforms and gain authority in your niche. 

Bonus Take-away Being Blogger Sampriti Roy

*Bonus Take-Away*

After successful completion of all the levels, best performers will:

1. Learn how to earn money from their blogs

2. Receive certificate of completion 

3. Lifetime Free Access to Further Training

4. Content Guidance for 3-Months after completion of program 

*t&c apply

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Sampriti Roy