The “PERFECT” time to get married

It’s truly said that age is just a number. You may have heard a million times that it’s high time now, you should get married and have your own family or else you won’t get a perfect match.

Believe me on this: Nobody has the right to force you to make this (or any) decision.

I have seen many couples getting married in their 20s. There are also a lot of couples who divorced in the next few years. Among them were many couples who were inseparable. Surprisingly, some of them were married in their teenage.

So, why to confuse yourself? Just ask the following questions and you will come to know whether it’s perfect time for you to get married or not:

  1. Have you ever been in a relationship?
  2. Do you really love the person you are dating right now?
  3. Have you ever faced any breakups?
  4. Have you ever moved out of your house and stayed in a new city independently?
  5. Are you earning well enough to raise a family right now?
  6. Have you ever seen failure in your life?
    Stop thinking about getting married right now if your answer was “NO” for any of the above questions.

Stay tuned to know why the above-mentioned factors are more important than your age.

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