I am currently working on self-initiated projects. This projects are under development and are meant to bring value to my audience who share different kinds of interests.

Glimpse of Self - Initiated Projects by Sampriti Roy

Free E-book My secret of being a good listener by Sampriti Roy

1. E-Book

This is my first project under construction!

I’m sharing all the secrets that are necessary to be a good listener. Because it is my personal belief that not everybody has the skill to be a good listener.

And by a good listener, I obviously don’t mean just hearing what the other person is saying. You need to understand them to. And this is all what this book is about!

Sampriti Roy Podcast Channel Girl With A Mole

2. Podcast Channel

This is my second project. Converting my content into voice format. In India, trend of podcasts has increased by 50% from 2018.

Also, I wished to become an RJ (when I was in my teens), so currently exploring various channels to showcase my content

Being Blogger by Sampriti Roy

3. Online Session [Starting from 5th Apr 2020 – Beta Version]

Currently, internet is flooding with various categories of courses. But nobody cares if you are understanding or completing them. To help aspiring individuals and be there to assist them 24*7, is my main goal. Blogging is the best segment to start with and I’ll come up with many other segments related to digital marketing in the future. 

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Sampriti Roy