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Kakoli Roy
Kakoli Roy

My mom, Kakoli Roy, is a self taught crocheter. She is crocheting since a very young age. Click the link to visit her online gift store

2020 was a really unexpected year for all of us. To keep yourself mentally stable was the most difficult task with all the negativity going around ourselves. I as an individual, tried to keep myself as much busy as possible.

With a list of self initiated projects, that included 2 E-books that I planned but never got the courage to even start! (Hopefully in 2021 I will), website building was the one that I wanted to try my hands on.

I was working on my own this website, but I was not quite very satisfied. Then one day I saw my mom was looking for something in her cupboard and ended up finding a box of already made crochet table mat. I don’t know what hit her mind, the very same day, she started working with her crochet threads and other materials – creating tiny flowers and patterns.

It was a series of unexpected events since then!

I read a blog online – How crocheting was helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. My mom was having a hard time too and this was the practical thing that I noticed. There was a positive change in her mood after she got involved with crocheting again.

We started going out to buy tiny raw materials and she kept creating this beautiful patterns that I never really understood how she was creating it until one day, just the night before her birthday, I decided to surprise her by making a crochet greeting.

Well how it went is a story for some other day, but that day I realized that whatever she is doing is really a hard job. Though she must have not felt the same way as she was a passionate crocheter, but I decided it then and there that I’ll let the world know how great artist my mom is, who kept her talents hidden and focused only on me and my sister.

On her birthday – 29th September 2020, I suggested her why not we create an online store for handmade products an sell them all across India?
My mom was thrilled to hear this.

“Is this even possible?”, she asked me.

“It’ll take sometime”, I replied honestly, “but we can at least start”.

Hence, the story of my mom starting her own small business of handmade goodies started.

And so the journey of creating my first ever E-commerce website for Indian handmade artist began.

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