You won’t miss me, right?

In the middle of the night, when you’ll need a company to go to that chai tapri… You won’t miss me, right?

After the shifts, when you’re hungry and want yummy Maggie… You won’t miss my maggie making skills, right?

Tea or Coffee? No more priorities! You won’t miss the arguments, right?

When you’ll need those long-lasting warm hugs just to cheer you up and set your mood perfectly fine… You won’t miss me, right?

After following the “healthy diet” weekdays now’s the time of cheat day Pizza mania weekend night… You won’t miss my pizza maniac version, right?

I’ll be hanging out with all the wrong people with all the bad habits just to see your possessive side… You won’t miss scolding me, right?

The initiative to improve my habits and ending up becoming like me… You won’t miss the journey, right?

Now that you can sleep extra more hours, as I won’t be waiting for any more shopping or movie nights… You won’t miss the weekends, right?

I still have those texts where our fights ended when you were the first one to say “But I miss you”

that slowly changed to “I miss you, but…”… You really don’t miss me anymore, right?

After a long time, I had found a Chicken Biryani Partner for Sunday Night You won’t miss the hangouts, right?

I used to become so insecure seeing you talking with others,

now that I won’t show my insecurities… You won’t miss my possessiveness, right?

Fighting with each other was the easiest way to vent out all our emotions easily

You won’t miss the way it made you feel light-headed, right?

You’ll prefer to stay with your silent thoughts and let go of the person who brought high volume to your life

You really won’t miss me, right?

Remember the day you were sick but still preferred sleeping on my lap instead of seeing a doctor… You won’t miss my comfort, right?

I did everything so ordinarily

that none of it ever made you feel special

And now I have become easily replaceable

One day, you’ll find someone better than me, right?

Life goes on, you are not alone

This is just me scribbling down my midnight thoughts that get influenced by any emotional series or random youtube videos. If you are someone who loves K-dramas, then I’m currently binge-watching “Secret Garden“.

There are certain days when we feel like, “if only there was someone just to listen to me”.

I listen to you.

And I’m always here to hear to.

Go ahead, talk it out!

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