Angel of my life

Or shall I call the devil of my life??
Na…she is the angel from hell who always tries to create havoc in my life. Be it surfing on the net or stealing choco biscuits…this cute little devil is always there to shout out loud,” MAAA!! Didi is doing bla bla bla!”.

It’s needless to say what happens next! But again she’ll help you like a best friend too. Be it completing your assignments on time or drawing stupid diagrams..this little angel becomes my life saviour. Being an elder sister of this angel is such a pleasure for me that can’t be described in words.

I still remember there is not be a single day spent peacefully by both of us. Together we are just an example of an active volcano. Today we rarely get time to see each other but she never let me feel her absence. I wake up in the morning by hearing her sweet voice over the call. I never skip my studies coz when she is studying I too have to study no matter what 🙂 A message will pop up saying,” Gud nyt didi” just when I’m about to sleep. Be it my homework or my medicine, she has a record to remind me of everything.
Even without being around me she can take care of me as if I’m the younger one. After all, long-distance relationships are not just about couples.

Lucky to have you Angel:-*:-*:-*

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