Why go on Solo Trips – An Interview with a Solo Traveler

As an explorer myself, I loved visiting new places. Mainly I used to travel just to refresh my daily schedule or spending some quality time with my family. I always wanted to go on a solo trip, all by myself. Like nobody will even come to the station or airport to see me off. But the only solo trip I ever experienced was coming back to my home, after months, from thousands of miles away. I loved listening to the storytellers when they shared a tale of any place, about its culture, food, people, the sights everything. It was just like I was living at that moment.

One fine day, I was just exploring something on my Instagram. Just then I saw a random post by a traveler. It happened to be one of my long lost friends who didn’t want to share his identity. Out of curiosity, I started asking him a lot of questions just to know about the pictures he had posted. It struck me later what if I’m bothering him? He told me that he always wanted to share his experiences with somebody who could narrate it to others who wish to become a traveler one day.

Solo Traveler Ready For His Trip
When it comes to understanding solo trips, everybody has their different opinion.

Some say they want to explore places.

Some feel like exploring themselves or finding themselves.

Many individuals just enjoy their own company.

If you ask me, then solo traveling works just like therapy. To rejuvenate your soul, refresh your mind, clear your thought & the best reason is to meet new people! So today we’ll enjoy the journey of a solo traveler who has completed 16+ solo trips till now! He even mentioned that he has lost the count.

Started solo traveling at the age of 17, only because of his travel companion had to cancel his plan at the last moment. This shows that better things start happening in your life when you are least expecting! He never dreamt of traveling alone. And obviously he was expected to feel bored as the whole journey was planned for a group. But he survived it, only because it was only a single day journey. This trip was for Coorg (a hill station in Karnataka State), also known as the Scotland of India. He accepts the fact that on his first trip he was missing his friends. The way you enjoy a road trip with your friends is very different as compared to solo trips.

He visited the same place after a few months. But this time he went there with friends. The experience he had in both the trips helped him to analyze what he loved the most. Whenever you are traveling in a group, you will never have peace of mind. Several friends coming together to enjoy the trip is exactly opposite to what we called “Peace of mind.” It is a kind of feeling that can’t be described in words. If you know how it feels, then you know.

Solo Traveler Enjoying His Own Company
Till now his most memorable trip was to Ooty (Queen of the hill stations).

After discovering the bliss of serenity, he started wandering alone more often. Depending on the destination and of course his mood, he will select the mode of transport. He loves traveling by his bike mostly but that does not keep him away from the airports or the bus operators!

He never planned any of his solo trips and prefers going with the flow. Whenever he’s feeling low due to any reason, he’ll just pack his bags and book the first ticket available. You become more independent when you are capable of funding for your own leisure. Traveling is one of the best therapy you can ever try. It’s like you: plan to go to any destination and search for the best routes available. But still the time it takes to reach there is worth it. When he went for booking his ticket, he went to Coimbatore from Bangalore by Train [6 Hours Journey; Distance: 365 KM] and then Coimbatore to Ooty [2:30 Hours Journey; Distance: 85 KM].

You’ll plan a solo trip but actually you are never traveling alone

You get a chance to meet and interact with a variety of people. Everybody with a different mindset and their own story. You will find a new version of yourself that you were not even aware of. If you are someone who is traveling alone for the first time, then you will realize how much you are capable of managing yourself. Planning your own itinerary, packing your own stuff, booking your tickets, on-time check-ins, etc.

Initially, you should take the advice of the hotelier about the sightseeing. But if you are aware of the place and you are confident about your research then you can travel on your own and visit the places that you exactly want to explore.

Locations to Visit in Ooty
Exquisite Locations in Ooty

After a lot of struggle to taste the local cuisine, he finally found a Kerala restaurant. The foodie needed the best dish to satisfy his soul and continue his journey for the next 4 days.

The name of the locations he explored in Ooty was very enticing for me.

Botanical Garden. This garden has a terraced layout covering an area of around 55 hectares with over 600 plant species. Owned by the Govt. Of Tamil Nadu, this garden is open from 7 AM – 7 PM.

Sleeping Lady. The place is named so because the mountain resembles a sleeping lady. It is the place where they shot the chaiyya chaiyya song and you can even see the train passing through the tunnel.

Suicide Point. I literally laughed after hearing this name. It’s a wonderland, especially in the misty days. The road to the mountain is quite difficult but it’s all worth it once you reach there.

Boat House. I kinda felt like staying there for some time when I tried imagining the place. Ooty lake is also known as the Ooty boathouse. It is a major tourist attraction in Ooty. Situated by the lake, the boathouse affords boating facilities to tourists.

Thread Garden. It is an artificial garden featuring flowers, plants & lawns crafted from thread, canvas & wire. You can spend a great time to explore significant human art.

Doddabetta Peak. It is the highest mountain of Nilgiri Range. There is a telescope house where one can enjoy great views of far off places in Ooty. 

Rose Garden. This is going to be the first place I’ll visit when I’ll go to Ooty.

The cool climate of the region is a blessing for travelers. The cool atmosphere keeps you energetic and encourages you to explore more! There are a lot of other places to visit as well. The only thing you need to do is proper research. Filter out the places that you actually want to visit so that you can spend there more time.

Very soon this amazing solo traveler is planning to visit Ooty again. Let’s hope it won’t be his solo trip!

Thoughts on Solo Trip to Ooty
Solo Trip to Ooty
So how was it, your trip to Ooty in thoughts?

I would like to thank the narrator, for being so patient and cooperative while sharing this experience. It’s not every time a person can make you feel like you are actually living the moment. I tried my best to do justice with his thoughts. Please feel free to share your views.

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