The Glimpse that Inspires: Life of Virat Kohli

In the 21st Century, teenagers are influenced by the best players or the best artists. They follow their lifestyles and are motivated by their life incidents. One of them is Virat Kohli, the most admired cricketer of the Indian youth. There are several considerable reasons to follow him.

Virat started his career at a very young age. In 2006, this 18-year-old cricketer was playing Ranji Trophy match for Delhi and in 2008, he captained the under-19 Indian cricket team. Today, Kohli is regarded as one of the best batsmen in the world. According to his father, he developed a passion for cricket at the age of 3. He says, ” Virat would pick up the bat and ask me to bowl at him.”

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Is this all we know about current Indian Cricket Team Captain? Is he just a cricketer who knows nothing apart from bat and ball? Why do we keep judging him on the basis of his performance? Not only he is one of the finest cricketers, but also a good and kind-hearted human being. In school, he was a brilliant student. He is a good son, an amazing husband, & most importantly, he is a responsible citizen.

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Virat’s Childhood

From a very young age, Virat loved challenges. At the age of 9, he used to practice with under 15 boys. One day he was injured during his practice sessions. The next day, his mother came to request his coach. She wanted him to play with the boys of his age only. But Virat refused to do the same. He said, “Boys of my age can’t get me out.” So he wanted to practice with the seniors.

We should learn to challenge ourselves at every point of our life. It will bring the best out of us. Virat is very committed to cricket. He gives all the acknowledgement behind his success to his father

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Virat was playing a match for Ranji Trophy in 2006 when his father died from a brain stroke. He called his coach, who was also a good friend of his father, to give him this news and also that he wants to continue playing the match. The match was very important for Virat’s future. His coach encouraged him to keep on playing the match. It was too much for a son to go ahead and keep playing when his father’s body was lying in the family home.

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Down to Earth

Virat is very down to earth kind of person. His family always supported him in his decisions but never pampered him. No matter how much he has achieved in his life, he did not cut connections to his roots. Kohli still has the same circle of friends from his younger days.

His competitive and confident nature makes him appear like an arrogant person which is not true. He respects the former players. Even today if he is in Delhi during Ranji Trophy match, He will go and sit with the team even if he’s not playing.

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Not Just a Cricketer

In Delhi, a restaurant named “Nueva” is owned by Virat. He is also skilled at singing. In 2016, his video “Jo Wada Kiya Hai” had gone viral. Virat, who is known as a very aggressive person is actually very emotional and sensitive when it comes to society. He started his own charitable organisation “Virat Kohli Foundation: VKF”. He has also conducted many fundraising events to help the needy people. 

Married Life

Virat tied the knot with Anushka Sharma in 2017. They are one of the most inspiring couples. The way they both support each other during their ups and downs is touching the hearts of million people. In one of her interviews, Anushka said that they are so similar, that it appears as if they are the male and female version of the same character. 
Virat gives all the credits for the positive changes in his character to his wife. We are aware of the private wedding of this power couple held in Italy where only close friends and family members were present. Later after the ceremony, they auctioned their wedding photographs and the whole money was given in charity.

Virat sets a perfect example of living our life to the fullest for ourselves and for others. One can always follow his footprints to achieve their dreams. You won’t go anywhere further if you still stay in your comfort zone even after reading this article.

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