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The fourth session was a relaxation day for us. No assignments, no technical stuff to learn. But still, it was rather a more important session for digital marketing aspirants. Today’s session was based on personal branding. What it is? For whom it is? Why is it important? Read till the end to learn everything about it.

What is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is a marketing practice of developing an identity. The identity can be of an individual as a brand or an organization. This is exercised to build and maintain a reputation in the market. It is an ongoing process that keeps on improving with time creating more awareness about you and your brand.

Self Awareness – Key to Personal Branding

Being self-aware will help you in the long run for various scenarios. In building your personal brand, you should have a clear idea about your strengths and talents. This will help you to decide and define your expertise. By knowing this, it will be easier for you to target your audience and connect with them. With the proper exposure, you will gain experience in the same. And this will help you to deliver an effective solution.

Stay humble and persistent while communicating. Interaction is very important to connect with a person. It is important for both ways, what and how you are saying and responding to your audience.

Being self-aware will help you to know your uniqueness. This uniqueness will help you to stand out in this over-crowded marketplace.

Why is Personal Branding important?

Personal Branding leaves a long term effect in the minds of your audience. It makes you appear as someone who is easily approachable. Your target audience can easily relate to you if you appear as a person first before turning into a brand. It establishes a strong connection between you and your audience.

Personal Branding is a compound effect. It takes a long time to establish yourself as a brand. But as time passes by, you and your audience will know your worth. You can establish your expertise easily. Being an expert, it will be easy to define your USP. This will help you gain your own identity in the industry.

Your “Network” is your “Net-worth”

As a personal brand, it is necessary for you to increase your network in the industry. Attend events and meet like-minded people belonging to a similar industry. Introduce yourself and get to know them properly. This practice is going to help you in the long run. It becomes easier for you to get valuable clients if you are planning to start your own agency or work as a freelancer. Even if you are trying to get a job, this process is highly considered in today’s market.

As a personal brand, the main job is to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in the market. This is the easiest way to enhance your skills and gain expertise. Your skills and your network will help you get more referrals. This is only because people know you personally. You are nor hiding behind any brand name that nobody is aware of. Your name will become the brand as you become an expert.

How to start with Personal Branding?

Before I share the further steps, I want you to take a paper and write down the answers for the following points:

Questions to ask yourself to start or improve your personal branding strategies.

Don’t read further if you are too lazy to write down the above list.

If you are ready with the list, I want you to stick that page in front of your study table or anywhere you spend more time (Guess what. I have clicked the pic and saved it as my lock screen. Obviously I spend more time in front of my PC and mobile!).

Now let’s get started with personal branding strategies.

I’ll assume that you know what is your core area of interest. I want you to do a little bit of research over the internet about the future scope of this field.

Now you have to start creating awareness in the market about your existence.

Digital platforms are the best medium to create awareness. Start with writing blogs or recording videos revolving around the topic of your interest. You can also simply create images or write short posts and post them on social platforms.


  1. Almost zero investment
  2. Digging deeper into the subject of your interest
  3. Daily research = stay daily updated
  4. Gain expertise on the subject

Now you should be known in the market for something. This is called credibility.

For this, you have to go and meet new people. Organize or be a part of events. Increase your network. Take the help of social platforms. Try getting reviews from your clients. Let your audience know about your capability.

When you gain credibility for a long time it turns into reputation. Reputation will make people talk about you and your products/services. Marketing is all about you talking about your brand and services. Personal branding is letting your customers talking about you in the market.

In this long-term process, make sure you make every effort to take notes of every smaller detail like user experience, customer support, consumer feedback. Make sure you listen to them. Customer feedback helps you to improve yourself every day taking you to another level towards success.

Long term reputation leads you to fame. But don’t fall into this greed trap of becoming famous in the early stages of your journey.

You do your work and let your efforts speak for you.

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