Internship Program by Digital Deepak – Day 3

As the number of days is passing in this internship, we the interns are digging deeper into this ocean of Digital Marketing. We are learning so many interesting logic and lots of common sense behind marketing. One will learn all these only if they read a minimum of 5-6 books based on the same.

Except for the studies, the interns have found an amazing network of like-minded people. They are always willing to help the other fellow interns. Students from all over India are a part of this amazing program. All the credits go to Deepak Sir, our coach, for coming up with this innovative internship program idea.

The session starts with our usual revision of the topics from the previous session. This is my favorite part of the session only because it reminds me of my school days. In the previous sessions, we had learned about how digital marketing is all about marketing and communication. We also learned how to select our niche and finding our target customer with the help of the customer avatar.

This session was mainly divided into 3 sections:

1. Getting Started
In this section, we discovered how to learn something new. How we can start anything with practicing.
Why personal financing is important before planning a startup?
What is compounding effect?
How slow and steady steps will make you a successful person? 
2. Consumer Psychology & 7 Sales Triggers

Did you know that everybody is a salesman?
Yes! If you have any kind of product or service that is helpful to at least one person, then you are selling something that is in demand.
As a consumer, our brain looks for every possible shortcuts to know more about a product before buying it.
There are 7 triggers that are responsible for making the decision: 

  1. Social Proof
  2. Scarcity
  3. Reciprocity
  4. Authority
  5. Commitment
  6. Liking
  7. FOMO! – Fear Of Missing Out!
3. Special Takeaways!
After learning the 7 triggers, you can easily plan out how to write a successful sales copy that actually converts!
Still here are “Free Tips” that you can use to make an attractive offer.


Hope the article and the videos were helpful for you and you too learned something with me today.

PS: If you are someone who is looking to level up their Digital Marketing Skills or want to learn more about the technical stuffs that are involved in this field then, Digital Marketing Tools Mastery by Deepak Kanakaraju is the best course for you.

Read this article to know more about this course.

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