My Name is Sampriti Roy

I’m an engineering grad turned into a full-time blogger and digital marketing freelancer. 

I have professional experience and interest in business development, event management and customer service.

I'm on a mission

to help start-ups gain stability to survive in this competitive market so that they can provide employment to the deserving candidates & hence solving one of the biggest concerns of young Indians – Unemployment

I believe a good online presence will help businesses 10x their revenue and build an irreplaceable brand identity for a long run.

Happy Clients & their Feedbacks

I’m Practicing Digital Marketing Since The Time I was Not Even Aware of the Term 

I was this Social Media Freak during my College Days that I ended up with gaining lots of attention for it – to promote college events and stuff. 

Then one thing led to another – I got some beautiful opportunities to work with start-ups during the very initial stage of my career.  

Today, after exploring years in this field, experimenting with lots of stuffs, here's what I would love to share-

I practice all the phases in Digital Marketing and absolutely don’t believe in the term “NICHE” - why select one if you can be good at all of them?

However, it is no harm to shortlist a few industries for whom you would like to serve

I have experienced my skills by serving multiple industries like -

Pet Industry

I worked as a Social Media Strategist and Generated Leads for Business

Animation Industry

I was responsible for website optimization to improve its ranking in SERPs

Health and Beauty Industry

I practiced Local Media Advertisements and collaborations for brand awareness at local level

Event Management Firm

I worked as an Art Curator and was also responsible for Brand Awareness of the firm

Dating App

I was responsible for Content Creation and Blogging for the Application's Social Media Platforms

Online Store

I designed online store of handmade accessories and started learning e-commerce Business

Now I do believe that a digital marketer should work on a fix niche.

And hence, helping startups with building their online presence using content has become my niche now.

These experimentations have helped me a lot to discover my strengths and weaknesses in digital marketing.

I started making improvements and gradually I started learning broader aspects of Digital Marketing.

My friends who were willing to start their own venture asked for my help and I shared all the online strategies that were going to help their business grow online.

After understanding a lot about the benefits of online presence, they suggested why don’t I start selling courses for the same?

There comes a phase when you understand who is REALLY teaching you the skills, and who are just making money out of it.

My self-awareness said to me I won’t do any good with selling courses – every fifth digital marketer does the same.

And with the same thought I created my own signature program during the pandemic – Let’s Grow Digital.

Let's Grow Digital is a very basic concept of teaching digital marketing systematically with practical implementation.

Needless to say how I also turned into a virtual trainer while working as a digital marketer freelancer.

With that being said – Welcome to my “Official Site” where you’ll find everything related to my ongoing Digital Marketing Projects and current learnings.