My Name is Sampriti Roy

I’m an engineering grad turned into a full-time blogger and digital marketing freelancer. 

I have professional experience and interest in business development, event management and customer service.

I'm on a mission

to help start-ups gain stability to survive in this competitive market so that they can provide employment to the deserving candidates & hence solving one of the biggest concerns of young indians – Unemployment 

I’m Practicing Digital Marketing Since The Time I was Not Even Aware of the Term 

I was this Social Media Freak during my College Days that I ended up with gaining lots of attention for it – to promote college events and stuff. 

Then one thing led to another – I got some beautiful opportunities to work with start-ups during the very initial stage of my career.  

Let’s Hear What My Clients Are Saying About My Work

Today, after exploring years in this field, experimenting with lots of stuffs, here's what I would love to share-

I practice all the phases in Digital Marketing and absolutely don’t believe in the term “NICHE” - why select one if you can be good at all of them?

However, it is no harm to shortlist a few industries for whom you would like to serve