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Heya! I am┬áSampriti Roy. Thanks for stopping by to read about me. It means a lot ­čÖé

To start my journey from the beginning, it goes like born in West Bengal, brought up Maharashtra, worked in Gujarat, dreaming of Kerala in short a true Indian by heart. Completed my graduation in computer engineering for parents’ sake and I thank them for pushing me for this. During that phase, I discovered a lot about myself. I found out what is my passion in life.

About Sampriti Roy

I started developing an interest in exploring new cities. Met new people every day. This is what happens when you move out of your comfort zone – your home. Started learning new things every single day. Enjoy listening to others’ story. Prefer organizing an event rather than being part of the audience. Love math but trust me I am no geek :p

About Sampriti Roy

One can never measure my love for Coffee, Pizza and Game of Thrones! Prefer logic over emotion, staying up late over getting up early, have a soft spot for desi rap, prefer non-veg over the veg. I am an ambivert. I don’t think twice when it comes to standing up against the stereotypes. This might be one of the major reasons that made my mind question the thought processing of other individuals. Gradually I started developing my interest in human psychology and did a lot of research on the same.

About Sampriti Roy

My first job made me fall for the US. The second job made me realize the potential I have of planning and organizing any event. I developed an interest in startups and marketing. My third job is the one which I loved the most because that made me spend most of my time around dogs and passion, digital marketing. My parents won’t let me have one because of my exploring nature! But the day I have my own home, I’ll have at least 4 different breeds of fur babies with me.

So this was all about me and the kind of content you are going to find on this website. Hope you have a great time to explore this world from my sight.

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I’m a computer graduate turned into Digital Marketing Practitioner.

I’m a start-up enthusiast and have worked with 6 start-ups till now.

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Sampriti Roy