As the site name says, My name is Sampriti Roy. 

I am a Computer Engineer graduate turned into Digital Marketing Freelancer who loves building online presence of brands ands start-ups with the help of various growth hack methodologies. 

I believe a good online presence will help businesses 10x their revenue and build an irreplaceable brand identity for a long run.

Don’t Believe Me?

I have experienced my skills by serving multiple industries like – 

  1. Social Media Marketing and Lead Generation for Pet Industry
  2. SEO for Animation Industry
  3. Instagram Marketing for Health and Beauty Industry
  4. Brand Awareness for Event Management Firm
  5. Content Creation and Blogging for Android Application’s Social Media Platforms
  6. E-commerce Website for handmade products

Now I do believe that a digital marketer should work on a fix niche. And hence, helping startups with building their online presence using content has become my niche now.

These experimentations have helped me a lot to discover my strengths and weaknesses in digital marketing.

“Explore until you fall in love with your work”

I started making improvements and gradually I started learning broader aspects of Digital Marketing.

My friends who were willing to start their own venture asked for my help and I shared all the strategies that were going to be helpful for them.

After understanding a lot about the benefits of online presence, they suggested why don’t I start selling courses for the same?

There comes a phase when you understand who is REALLY teaching you the skills, and who are just making money out of it. 

Now this is my personal belief that if one is getting paid for any job, they should give their 200% to make their client happy. 

My self-awareness said to me I won’t do any good with selling courses – every fifth digital marketer does the same.

And with the same thought I created my own signature program during the pandemic – Let’s Grow Digital.

Let’s Grow Digital is a very basic concept of teaching digital marketing in a systematic way with practical implementation.

Needless to say how I also turned into a virtual trainer while working as a digital marketer freelancer.

With that being said – Welcome to my “Official Site” where you’ll find everything related to my ongoing Digital Marketing Projects and current learnings.

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